Monthly Open Gathering tribu.x / June

This is a friendly reminder, that our monthly open Gathering will take place on the last Sunday of the month, June 26th. You are all welcome to participate!

Our Gatherings is the place to meet us, know each other, take decisions and share some moments. Will be nice if you can take your time to spare some time together.
Our Gathering has two parts, the Assembly to discuss and take decisions and the last part is more of an unofficial time to meet Working Groups and socialize. If you can’t come two both parts, you’re also welcome to be in one of them, no matter which one.

15.30. Assembly.

.- here you can see some topics in advance or include yours if you want:
.-If you are coming for the first time to the assembly, would be nice if you can come 15 min in advance to give you some overview.

17.30. Working Groups meeting / Social part.

Time to organise in small groups and spend a good time together.
Bring some food to share!! there will be some drinks.


AmEnde Laden (Georg-Schwarz-Str. 178, Leutzsch)
(if the Weather is nice, we will meet in the Backyard)

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