Awareness concept

Be aware

We want to have a pleasant, safe and respectful atmosphere for everyone participating at tribu.X, during assemblies and in working groups or any other process. This means for us to rise awareness and create a culture of respect and trust.

“Awareness” means the recognition or perception of verbal, psychological or physical violations of personal boundaries.

Tribu.X is an anarchist project, based on feminist values, equality and non-hierarchy. This means no tolerance for any kind of discrimination or disrespectful behavior. During group processes and assemblies it is important to be conscious about the way you speak: how long you talk, if everyone is able to participate, which words and jokes are used and that there is no verbal aggression or domination of individuals or groups.

We treat each other fairly. Nobody can threaten you or scare you. No matter how. You decide what goes beyond your limits, nobody else. You decide how close people can be to you. Nobody is allowed to touch you, massage you, caress you, kiss you without your consent, or push you to do so to someone else.

If someone oversteps your borders, hurts your feelings or those of someone else say NO. You can say NO even if you have said YES before. We are people fighting for a world without domination and oppression, but we are aware that we all grew up in a hierarchical, patriarchal and racist society and it will be a collective process to create a different culture for our tribe. So feel free to speak out if your boundaries are being crossed and at same time do not feel ashamed to be criticized by others.

In simple language: Only YES means YES and No means only NO.
Talk with each other about your limits, be attentive to the needs of others and the signals they send you. If you observe disrespectful behavior, intervene or ask people around to help you.

If you need support ask the awareness group or other people you trust.

The awareness group is…

First of all everyone of us is a part of this process and shares the responsibility for a safe and positive atmosphere and the well-being of everyone. So let’s try to be aware, keep your eyes open and don’t allow a toxic atmosphere, domination or abuse.
The awareness of every tribu.X member is fundamental to the existence and the thriving of the tribe on the long run..

The Awareness group is a rotating group inside tribu.X, consisting of a minimum of three people doing a three months shift. It’s a gender mixed group and every member of tribu.X can and should be part of the Awareness group at some point. You can recognize the Awareness Group in the assemblies by a Button tribu.x+(A).

Tasks of the Awareness group: support people who feel treated badly, unfair or meet physical, psychological or sexual violence; observe and reflect the process of tribu.X and make proposals for the improvement and spreading of our awareness culture; provide information materials to the members of the Awareness group; work on methods’ development. The Awareness group can propose short inputs for the general assembly.
We see the exclusion of people as a last measure to protect our community and would rather give people the chance to reflect and change.

The Awareness group is not security and everyone is responsible for problem solving. If someone behaves dominant, racist, sexist, homo- or trans-phobic, every Tribu.X-member should intervene.

If you feel that your boundaries were violated but you don’t feel comfortable to speak out in any of the spaces or processes of tribu.X, you can approach the awareness group. If needed, anonymity is guaranteed. If you have ideas of how to make tribu.X more inclusive and safe, share them with the awareness group. If you are not up to present them in front of whole tribu. You can contact the Awareness group directly, via note in the Awareness Box or by email.