Building neighborhood solidarity: Anarchist Days in Leutzsch

Last Wednesday, April 27th a joyful anarchist day took place in Leutzsch. It was the first of its kind and was part of the Anarchist Days of Leipzig. These took place for the first time in Leipzig and offered one week filled with activities and events in different parts of the city. It was an afternoon full of activities for neighbors and activists.

We, as part of tribu.x and responsible for the organisation of the day, considered from the beginning that it was important for our work in the neighborhood to make this day as diverse and joyful as possible. We wanted to reach many different people and offer a space where they can get to know each other and also gain a better understanding of libertarian ideas. In short, our goal was to generate a meeting place for neighbors and activists.
We hope to step by step reinforce our idea of working together with our local community and filling the neighborhood with an accessible, open and non-institutionalized libertarian culture.

During the event, we raised funds for two main purposes. On the one hand, to cover all the expenses of the day (food and drinks, transportation costs, etc.) and the rest was donated to the NoBorder collective active on the border between Poland and Belarus, doing a crucial job and supporting people on the move. We are happy to announce that we raised 490 Euro for the NoBorder Team.

It is also important for us to acknowledge the work of all those who in one way or another collaborated and made this day possible. We, therefore, thank the orga-team of the Leipzig Anarchist Days; AKM for her beautiful and unique poster/flyer; Khira for her photographs; the translators’ collective, without whom the info-talks could not have been inclusive; the circus artists as well as the musicians; and, of course, all the neighbors and activists who joined our day.

Short Re-cap of the day in Leutzsch

The Anarchist Days in Leutzsch started with a critical walking tour through the streets of Leipzig Alt-West, visiting mainly streets and places of anti-fascist memory against the national-socialist regime of the 1930s. This activity, which started in Lindenau, ended in the Wasserschloß park of Leutzsch.

The walking tour ended in the Wasserschloß park in Leutzsch where then a Varieté, a circus and a music show took place. Organized by a small group of artists. The improvised stage, the live music and the colorful customs created great interest amongst any people passing by or children playing in the park. Many children gathered and approached the stage trying to discover what was being prepared and to receive a balloon as a gift. In total More than two hundred people witnessed a show that filled the diverse audience with joy and laughter.

While the show was taking place, a team was at work preparing the food that would be served in the KüfA (Kitchen for All). The dish of the day was Marklube and tabbouleh. The KüfA started whilst the circus show was taking place so by the time the artists and audience arrived at the food venue it was difficult to get a plate of food, let alone enter the venue due to the number of people that had come. It was a full success.

The last events of the day took place in the AmEnde venue and in the Tante Emma kiosk. The people occupied the sidewalk to eat and chat, while the Tante Emma kiosk served as a refuge for those who needed a more calm space and wanted informative and cultural info-materials. The scene was beautiful, life was bustling in the streets of the neighborhood!

Once the KüfA was finished, the info talks took place. To begin with, there were two short talks, one about the current situation on the border between Belarus and Poland. The other is about what has been happening in Rojava in the last weeks regarding the Turkish attacks.

The main info talk of the evening was held by a comrade of the Asamblea Anarquista Autoconvocada de Valparaíso (AAA). She informed about the current work done by the AAA, and gave a closer insight into its origin, and development, as in its political formulation embodied in a booklet distributed during the day.

After an intense day of activities, the only thing left to do was to spend time listening to music, socializing and enjoying the rest of the evening. It was the end of a wonderful day in Leutzsch where anarchism was visible in its full colors. One of many to come, we hope.

Pictures of the event:

by Kira

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