[11.06.] A-Café + Info about Antifa-Ost court case

11.06., Meuterei (Zollschuppenstraße 1)

A-Café. Anarchist Sunday brunch — a self-organized place to meet, learn and find like-minded people, that happens once a month, every second Sunday.

There will be a kids’ space and dogs are welcome. Please come tested.

13.00 — DIY-Brunch.
Organizers will provide hot drinks (coffee and tea), but ideally those who want to join us should bring some vegan food to make our “menu” diverse and DIY as much as possible.

14.30 — “Info talk about the Antifa-Ost court case”

On 8th September in 2021, the process against four antifascists started, accusing them to have formed a criminal association that is attacking violent and organized nazis. On 31st May in 2023, the judgement was ponounced. One of the defence lawyers will talk about the trial. Apart from an info part we want to take the time for asking questions and discussing with which kind of repression antifascist resistance is confronted. „They touched some, but we all are meant“

If you want to share some music – bring a USB with files. There will also be an info-table. You can share news, get to know each other, or
read some zine while eating.

Your friendly anarchist collective.

Do you want to contact the A-Café crew?


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