KiezZeitung for kids&youngs

We invite all children (from 8 years) and young people to create a newspaper with us.
The participants will decide what will appear in their newspaper. They can write articles, do interviews, draw or take pictures. Some of the events related to the Anarchist Days will be covered in the newspaper.
The newspaper will have 2 editions. The first one will be made during the park party at the Rabet and will be printed and distributed at the park party in Leutzsch. A second edition will be produced at the same time and distributed together with the first edition during the Gieszerfest.

We think that it is a very positive thing to be able to design and distribute the newspaper as a whole. However, it is not necessary for participants to be present every day.

The meeting place in every event: Info table tribu.x
e-mail contact:


=> 23.04. Party in the Rabet Park
Guideline meeting
Distribution of tasks
Production of the content

=> 26.04. Party in the Wasserschloß park Leutzsch
Guideline meeting
Distribution of tasks
Creation of new content
Sale of the first edition

=> 30.04. Giesserfest
Sale of the entire newspaper
Collective evaluation

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