22th May, tribu.x Monthly Gathering

This time our monthly tribu.x gathering will take place one week before as usual it is. Our meeting will be on Sunday 22th of May.

As always, in our Gatherings, we tried to generate an open space to share your ideas, an opportunity to find linked-mind people and a chance to activate yourself in politics. We try to create a nice atmosphere open for all under anarchist principles. It is your first time, please come 15 min. in advance, and we will make a short introduction.


15.30. Assembly.
.- here you can see some topics in advance or you can include your ideas: https://pad.systemli.org/p/agenda_assembly-tribu.x-keep
17.30. Social. Time to spend a good time together. Bring some food to share.

Where: AmEnde Laden (Georg-Schwarz-Str. 178)

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