Solidarity with the resistance in Russia

We are organizing an order of organic oranges from Valencia (Spain), the proceeds of which will be donated to the Russian resistance. (More about this below in English).

Boxes of 20 kg or half boxes can be purchased. The price per kilo is €2.50, but we would be happy if comrades would like to add a soli-donation because the profit margin is relatively low due to the transport costs and the harvest workers being paid above-average Spanish wages. The price per box would be €50 + possible Soli surcharge.

You can order by sending an email to until 1.02. Payment will be made at the pickup, which will take place in Leutzsch (AmEnde, Georg-Schwarz-Str. 178).

Read the statement of our comrades from Siberia:

Updates can find here:

Soli-Orangen AG / tribu.x

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