[28.8.] Prison and resistance. Talk with Gabriel Pombo da Silva

In the framework of the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, this Monday, the 28th of August, there will be a talk with Gabriel Pombo da Silva at the Karl-Helga.
Gabriel is a well-known anarchist militant with a long history, who has spent more than 30 years in different prisons for his activities. On this occasion, we will talk about what this week of solidarity means and how important it is; at the same time, we will remember our comrades who are still behind bars or who have left us. For his part, Gabriel will tell us about his current situation (recently released), the repression of the anarchist movement and the meaning of prison within the system of domination and why we anarchists oppose it.
The talk will be streamed and will start at 6pm. We invite you to bring something to eat to share with other participants. Drinks will be available on site.

28.8., 18hrs. KarlHelga

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