Solidarity with anarchists and antifascists of Belarus from Leipzig.


At 28 November, in frames of Week of solidarity with anarchists and antifascists of Belarus, an action in Leipzig was taking place. With the banner in Belarusian “Freedom. Equality. Solidarity”, with loud info-statement from megaphone and with spreading of flyers, we wanted to inform people about resistance against dictatorship in Belarus and repressions against anarchists and antifascist. Many passers by were curious and showed their support. We believe that our loud action in different spots of Leipzig-West reminded people that the protests in Belarus are still going on and that dictator Lukashenko and his repressive machine should go away.

We call everyone to keep supporting those resisting against violent, patriarchal, mismanaging and KGB-based regime. Support those who are in hundreds arrested and tortured every week. Every action counts!

We send our solidarity, wishes for freedom, strength and a quick overcoming of the dictatorial system.

Your friendly anarchist grassroots initiative tribu.x (Leipzig)!

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