Greetings from Tante Emma

This post will be short and simple: It was a great party! thank you all to be there. We sent a great day with you all.

The day starts with finishing some reparations, improvements and unfinished tasks in the Info kiosk. The walls are renewed, we have now a nice sign with the name and the mural on the shutter is finally ready. Later we started with the Kids Zeitung, where many kids were involved in producing a newspaper that was sold during that night by and for the kids.
There was also a nice talk with people from Karl-Helga Wagenplatz and Casa Hauseprojekt, about the situation of those projects, threats and possibilities for them. Both projects are open to being supported in different ways.

Special thanks to all those who were involved in making possible the party, and for all those who made Tante Emma beautiful. We can also send our special regards to Rami, La Chaskona Combo Band and DJ Cafgar for their solidarity participation.
And remember, if you want to come, use, participate or whatsoever in the Info Kiosk Tante Emma, write to us or come to have a chat on open days (Wednesday from 5 pm to 8 pm)

Thanks to all for being there!

Check out some pics of the day!

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