tribu.x are your anarchist and anti-authoritarian friends in your neighborhood

About us

We are a collective based on anarchist principles, open to all those who are willing to be active in the construction of a society of free and equals, based on solidarity, mutual support, and conflict resolution through direct action, i.e. not mediated.

In short, in tribu.x there is a place for all those who fight against domination and exclusion in any of its forms. If you think this space is also for you, do not hesitate to contact us!


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Encuentro Mensual Abierto de tribu.x. Junio

Encuentro Mensual Abierto de tribu.x. Junio

Este es un amistoso recordatorio de que nuestro encuentro abierto mensual se realizará, como siempre, el último domingo del mes.…

Bytribu.xJun 23, 20222 min read


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