“Revolts, Popular Power and anarchist proposals for our present and future” by Anarchist Assembly of Valparaiso, Chile.

1) Historical and political review of anarchism in Chile: twentieth century, begining of twenty one, revolt of 2019 and years post revolt.

2) “Poder popular” and anarchism:
– Hierarchy, Domination and Power: why is it necessary to create a common language about these concepts.
– History of “Poder Popular” in Chile and South America.
– Strategic path: why do we propose to build popular power in our
communities in order to fight oppression and domination by capitalism and patriarchy.

3) “Roadmap”: Anarchist proposals to dispute present and future: This is our collective text with our presentation as political organizational process, analysis, tools (theory and principles), strategies and tactics.This text makes concrete tactical proposals considering our local context, but our analysis considers capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism, that is to say, worldwide structures of oppression: common enemies for our our movement and also strategic lines that can be shared and useful regardless our differences.

[The presentation will be in English (sadly the InterpRise collective is not available to translate in the end…) we will try to provide whisper translation to German and Spanish if needed.]

If you want prepare yourself for the discussion it might be useful to read the roadmap the comrades wrote – you can find it in English or Spanish below.


ocha de ruta

And if you want to help gather the costs for the journey you can check the fundrising page comrades of them established.